General questions:

How do I use the offers?

Some offers are redeemable in venues (food & beverage); some offers are on services (like car insurance) and some online (clothes shopping) in the form of a unique discount code. All information is easy to find in the Member portal. To avail offer at your selected club or any associated venues, show your membership card to the venue's team. 

What is Advantage Plus?

adv+ lifestyle membership offers access, benefits and discounts at a comprehensive range of facilities in the UAE. The portfolio includes leisure pools, chique hotels, beautiful beach spots, co-working spaces, family recreation areas & top fitness sports venues. 

Set across every area in Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman the recreation & beach clubs offer residents, families, business entrepreneurs and expats alike endless opportunities for socialising, daily activities, pampering and networking. Becoming a member of adv+ provides you with a great level of benefits and a wide range of experiences. 

What is the difference between Single and Family membership?

With a Single Membership, you are given free access and any guest you may want to bring with you (adult or child) you would have to pay the discounted guest rate. The guest rates are available to see in the Member Portal.

If you were to opt-in for the Family Membership, you may have up to four family members using the membership. Family members are husband, wife/partner and up to 2 children age 15 or below. The same policy applies for guests and guest rates as for single membership.

Where can I purchase Advantage Plus membership?

The entire process is completely online. Go to any of our JOIN TODAY website areas and select membership type. 

The process is split into four easy steps: 

  1. Club selection 
  2. Payment 
  3. Address details 
  4. Member's details

Once you complete these steps, we will receive a notification and cross-check all information you have provided. We may contact you if anything is missing or unclear. At this point, you will receive confirmation of your purchase and a prompt to set up your password for Member Portal. From the same Member Portal, you can also download your Digital Membership Card.

You will receive a call from our membership team to confirm that you have read and understood our Exclusion Policy (if you have been a recent member of any partner clubs) and our Terms & Conditions. 

How long is the membership valid for?

Our membership is generaly 12- month commitment. 

From time to time, we may have a special offer for short term membership available. If that is something that interests you, please send us an enquiry to [email protected]

What do I find under Member Login?

Everything about adv+ and your membership:
- Your profile & personalised referral code (rewards included), and link to download your digital membership card.
- Your selected clubs and availability indicators (green - plenty available, orange - getting busy, red- full for the time being)
- Your linked children (for family memberships)
- All offers that are currently available to you across all clubs and more

Can I share my membership with my friend(s) or other family members?

No. The membership is non-transferable. Each card/ App includes a photograph of the membership holder, and all clubs reserve the right to cross-check the Emirates ID in case of image mismatch. If the ID does not match the membership details, clubs reserve the right to refuse entry.

Is it possible that I pay now but my membership should start after a few days as I am out of the country these days?

Yes, you can always schedule your membership to start later at any particular date (not more than 30 days from the payment date) that suits your availability.

Once started, membership can’t be paused or frozen during one year period. Please refer to Terms and Conditions Section 1.6.

Club access:

Can I change the clubs I selected for my membership after the purchase?

You will be able to request one club change for a small fee within 30 days from signing up. The fee changes after 30 days and is applicable per adult member.

Detailed fees structure is listed in the under section 1.6.

Is the access to my selected clubs unlimited?

Yes, unlimited visits, but access is not guaranteed. We operate on a First-Come-First-Served-Basis. This means that members may have fully used our membership access at a particular club on a day. If one of your clubs is already very busy, the best options are either to access the club on another day or spend the day at either of the other clubs on your list. We always recommend checking Member Portal for real-time occupancy updates before setting off.

If you are looking for further details, please refer to section 1.5.

How many members can access each club in a day?

A sufficient number of membership slots are being purchased at each club with healthy ratios based on usage trends and member levels.

What happens if I go to a club and there are no membership slots free?

If membership slots are all in use at the time of your visit, you may be able to pay the special day rate to gain access, subject to availability. Alternatively, spend the day at one of the other clubs on your list. We always recommend checking Member Portal for real-time occupancy updates before setting off.  

Can I access the same club multiple times a day?

No. You may visit a club only once a day, subject to the availability of membership slots by the time of your visit. 

Can I access more than one club in a day?

Yes. You may visit more than one club in a day, subject to the availability of membership slots by the time of your visit.

Can I find out how busy each of my selected clubs is before I decide which one to visit?

Yes! Login to your Member Portal via and go to "My Clubs".
The club availability indicators are:
Green - plenty available
Orange - getting busy.
Red- full for the time being

Children & guests:

I have children. Am I allowed to take them with me to the pools and gyms?

Children are allowed to go with you to use the facilities and membership you purchase. Most clubs don't allow access to gyms for those under 16 years old. Check each venues information and their facilities description for more details. Some guest rates may apply, depending on the club and the day of the week.

Can my child use the facilities without my presence?

No, Children are allowed to use the facility only in the presence of their Parents (Single Parent or Both) registered with adv+. Access is free of charge for kids registered under the membership plan otherwise guest fees may apply for non-registered children, as per the club’s specific policies.

Can the clubs ask for my children proof of age?

Yes. This is standard practice, please keep their Emirates IDs on you at all times.

What are the guest rates at the clubs? I want to take a guest with me.

For more information on guest rates, refer to each venue’s information on the member portal page for more specific club fees. Most rates are nominal enough to not break the bank and comparatively lower than what clubs offer directly to non adv+ members.

Adding partner or extra family members:

I wish to add a partner to sign up with me. Does it have to be a wife or a husband? What if I am unmarried?

Yes, you can add a partner. You can either select a family membership or two single memberships.

You do not need to be married to nominate someone to get an Advantage Plus membership. You are free to add a partner as you see fit. It may be your sister, brother, friend, relative, or even a cousin.

All we ask is that you would ensure that your partner is familiar with the terms and conditions of the membership

What if I have 3 or more children?

It's not a problem at all!

You have two kids included in the membership within the ages 5-15. If your additional children are four years or younger, you can message us their Name+Surname+DOB after joining, and we will manually add them to your membership. If you wish to add additional kids between the ages of 5-15, there will be an extra fee (in general, the fee is calculated as 50% of the single membership plan). In this case, you can add the number of children included in your membership in the first step of the check-out process, and the total membership price will update automatically.

My son/daughter is between 16-20 years old. Which membership can I select?

Kids between 16-20 are considered "adults" when it comes to club entry. Meaning clubs may require Juniors to hold Emirates ID with their membership ID for check-in. However, at the same time, Junior below 18 or 21 cannot access all clubs. Some facilities have a very strict 21 and above policy. In addition, some clubs can only be accessed by juniors only if accompanied by an adult. 

To comply with the club's procedures as closely as possible, we have created a Junior Membership. Junior membership is not a standalone membership. It can only be purchased as an add-on to single or family membership to guarantee that an adult accompanies the junior. The price for the junior membership is the same as for single membership.

Payments & Fees:

How can I pay?

You can pay by credit card/ debit card or bank transfer. The payment is collected for the membership duration upfront. You can also pay using the Buy Now Pay Later option, otherwise known as "BNPL"  (for Example, Spotii). Please note that the BNPL partners will require a copy of your EID and will run a credit check to determine your spending limit. If the spending limit is lower than the membership price, we suggest that you select another payment method to complete the membership purchase.

How much does membership cost?

Our membership prices are charged per person or per family on an annual basis. The rates may vary. Please refer to the price section of the website

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept major credit cards and bank transfers. 

Do you offer pro-rata refunds?

We do not offer refunds.

What is Spotii, and how does it work?

Spotii is a payment portal that verifies your credit score, and if you qualify, you can split your payments across four installments.

The installments will automatically deduct from your card/account over the initial four months of the membership, not quarterly. 

The same terms of use apply to memberships purchased using Spotii as if the payment was one time upfront payment. 

 If you require more information on Spotii, please visit

Digital membership card & member portal:

How will I get my card?

By default, once you have completed the payment, you can download a digital card from your member portal access.

If you prefer to receive a physical card, there is an extra fee and needs to be arranged with the membership team after the purchase. Courier will deliver your card between 48 to 36 hours from order completion. Our team will advise when your card has been dispatched, and the courier will contact you on the mobile number you provided to arrange delivery.

How do I get and access to the Member Portal?

Portal can be accessed via "Member Login" on or from your digital membership card.

You can also visit directly.

Upon completing the membership purchase, you will receive an email to create a password. Click on "create password" and complete your member portal login details. In case you came up with any problem we can also help you by manually creating a password. Please contact the team at [email protected]

Why do I need access to Member Portal?

To access the club, you will be required to show your digital membership card. To download the card, you will need to create access to the member portal. All clubs operate a strict No-Card-No-Entry policy. 

Here is what you find under your member login:
- Your profile & personalised referral code (rewards included) + you can download your digital membership card to your Apple/ Android wallet.
- Your selected clubs and availability indicators (green - plenty available, orange - getting busy, red- full for the time being)
- Your linked children (for family memberships)
- All offers that are currently available to you across all clubs and more.

I have purchased family membership, but I don't see my partner's card under my member portal access.

Each adv+ member has a unique membership number and member portal access. In addition, each adult (primary member, partner and junior) will receive an invitation to create their password. The email address for each member must be unique. If you are unsure of which email(s) you used or can not locate the password, please contact the membership team at [email protected]

The digital membership card is under "my details" can be downloaded to multiple devices (Apple/Android wallet).  

Member Referral Program:

What is adv+ Referral program?

Adv+ offers a superb referral program as well.

If you refer your friends and family, they can take advantage of a 10% discount, quoting your personal referral code.

What benefits will I receive after referring a friend?

Once your referral will successfully purchase the membership you have these options to choose from as a successful referral reward:

  1. Extra free month (for each membership) or
  2. Cashback of AED 150 (for each membership) or
  3. Add an additional club (for three memberships that joined using your referral code)

*Can not be used in conjunction with any other offer

Where can I access my referral code?

You can access your referral code in your member portal under the option of “My Referrals”. Or you can seek the help of the adv+ team via WhatsApp (+971 52 129 4354)  or email ( [email protected] ).

For how long will my referral code be valid?

Your referral code will be valid throughout the duration of your membership and can be used anytime.

On what basis number of referrals are counted?

Referrals are counted on the number of membership purchased. For example, if membership is purchased using your referral code either its single membership or a family package it will consider as one successful referral.

Membership Renewal:

Will my membership renew automatically?

No, your membership will not renew automatically. You will get reminders on WhatsApp and Email about your soon-to-expire membership. You can also contact adv+ customer service for any queries and renewal process.

How can I renew my membership?

The renewal is very fast. Tell us your preferences about plans and clubs, and the adv+ customer service team will assist you in the membership renewal. There are no additional charges for renewal.

How can I know my membership is expiring?

The date of membership expiry is available on Member Portal and it is also written on the Digital Membership card.  You will also receive an email from adv+ about the membership renewal one month before the expiry.

Can I change my plan and the number of clubs at the time of membership renewal?

Yes, you can change your plan and clubs at the time of renewal without any charge.

Last year I had a single membership but now my partner wants to join me? Can I add my partner to my membership?

Yes, it's very easy. You can add your partner or family member to your membership plan at the time of renewal. Being an adv+ member you can also buy Visting Family Monthly passes from your member portal.

Last year I had a couple plan but now my partner doesn’t want to renew. Can I renew for myself only?

Yes, not a big deal. You can renew only for yourself.

Can I choose the Installment payment option for my renewal too?

Yes, you can opt for the installment payment option for your membership renewal via spotii. Spotii is a payment portal that verifies your credit score, and if you qualify, you can split your payments across four installments.

The installments will automatically deduct from your card/account over the initial four months of the membership, not quarterly. 

The same terms of use apply to memberships purchased using Spotii as if the payment was one time upfront payment. 

If you require more information on Spotii, please visit

How will my membership card updated after renewal?

Your Digital Membership Card will update automatically after successful renewal. You can see the new expiry date and change in clubs (if requested) on your digital membership card and also on your Member Portal.

Corporate rates:

Do you offer group discounts?

We offer corporate rates to selected companies that purchase a large number of memberships. Get in touch with us at [email protected] to find out more.

What happens if I am on a corporate rate and I resign from my employer?

Once you have your membership and you have paid the annual fees, you will use it until it expires. So there is no need to panic if you resign. You will get to keep the membership. When it comes to the renewal, the membership price will default to the prices available on our website.


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